About Us

Welcome to Our Company

Welcome to one of America’s most successful transportation and logistics companies. We have been winning customer loyalty and earning trust and confidence since 1980. During that time, we have established an enviable reputation for prompt, courteous service and on-time deliveries.

In The Beginning

The story of A.J. Baynes is not of a prodigy entrepreneur or an overnight success. Baynes grew up as a policeman’s son and dreamed of following in his dad’s footsteps. He might easily have followed his dad into the world of crime fighting but something stronger pulled at Baynes’ imagination: transportation, understanding how things moved from point to point and what new possibilities lay in store.

As a young boy, his first job was delivering newspapers in his neighborhood for the then Buffalo Evening News and today he is delivering the paper used to print the Buffalo News.

Ideas Into Business

A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd. was founded on August 18, 1980. The first product shipped was 500 bags of onions from Elba, New York to Detroit, Michigan. When founded, A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd. was just one of a handful of logistics companies in the US. But as it began to turn a profit within its first few months, it became clear that A.J. Baynes’ vision for the logistics industry was going to work and work in a big way.

During the first five years of existence, Anthony Baynes was truck loader, salesman, accountant, and directed the development and growth from his basement.

The Dream Becomes a Business

A.J. Baynes entered the business world on August 18, 1980 fresh out of college and signed the company's articles of incorporation. With $500 in cash, the pioneering - 22 year old kid gave birth to what was to become one of the country’s fastest growing companies.

As with most great enterprises, A.J. Baynes' beginnings were modest. The company had anxious moments in its infancy. The earliest record of a shipment is September 15, 1980, approximately one month after incorporation; from Elba, New York to Detroit, Michigan. With the company's first sale came hope—a young A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd. had taken its first steps.

Our Core Values

We are a company of people engaged in the world of logistics, seeking to pursue truth and integrity, and committed to creating value for our customers and our people in the process.

We strive to be a company of diverse people working together in the world of logistics. We strive to be an honorable & trustworthy company.

The Company

A. J. Baynes is headquartered in Buffalo, New York. We have additional facilities throughout the United States to facilitate your needs.

Our Advantage

In today’s economy, companies demand that their service partners provide them with competitive advantages. Service commitments, pricing position, and financial strength are essential considerations throughout the decision-making process for companies seeking to enter into new relationships. A.J. Baynes focuses on the management and continual improvement of internal processes and performance metrics in order to meet commitments and deliver service. A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd. commits to provide to each customer these important components and furthermore, the support in areas that normally take a back seat to the day-to-day operations.


A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd. understands that our success is dependant upon our capability to perform at extraordinary levels. Our commitment to quality remains the blueprint of our success. We define our quality program by various functions of our own internal operations in order to provide processes for our associates to follow and manage by.

A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd. strategy for Continuous Improvement is to promote a culture that utilizes employee involvement to achieve better performance.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to create exceptional value for our customers by offering a comprehensive collection of supply chain services driven by the highest quality standards in the industry.

We strive to provide a safe work environment that cultivates the professional growth of all our associates. Our associates will be provided with the same respect and professionalism internally that they are expected to share externally with each and every A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd. customer.

Message from the CEO

The AJ Baynes Group recently celebrated it’s 40th year of successful operations. We have grown from a small start-up company to being a premier group service provider of logistics and transportation services. A. J. Baynes is the result of a forward thinking and synergistic approach. For the first time we will be collectively combining each of the Baynes companies into one entity and under one corporate leadership.

The global marketplace is unquestionably more competitive now than at any other time in our history.

Serving the Community

A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd. is committed to enriching the local communities we serve. Each of our offices identifies local charity groups to support. Funds raised through their efforts remain in the local community and serve as a source of pride to the team.

Locally, A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd. sponsors The Bison Scholarship Fund whose mission is to give all children the opportunity to receive a quality education. Roswell Park Cancer Institute and the John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital are also recipients of A.J. Baynes Freight Contractors, Ltd.’s long time support.